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My last few days in Japanland were exceptionally fun and extremely sad! On the last show of the last day of performance, to say I was hysterically crying would be an understatement. I’m not a cute cryer, unless it’s like a movie and it’s a few tears kind of deal. Not this day…nope. I was … Continue reading

Ugly Cry

Oh man…I gotta say, as my contract out here in Japan comes to a close, it gets harder and harder everyday. Every show there is someone I am finishing something with, and boy is it emotional! Yesterday, I was my Prince Phillip track and it was my last day with my good friend Luisa. The … Continue reading

And we’re back…

Oh dear lordy…it has been quite a while since my last post! Please excuse my laziness. I’ve just been so distracted lately that I forgot to journal! Oh well, we’re back in action now! So much has happened since my last entry!! Holy moly! 1) Got offered an extension into the next contract of my … Continue reading


“How old are you? 16? You look like you’re still in high school” — Random man at breakfast a week before my birthday I gotta say, turning 24 wasn’t so bad after hearing that! Haha! I don’t why I get so hung up on age…it’s just a number! I had SUCH bad anxiety when I … Continue reading


I gotta say, October has been quite nice, as my parents were here at the beginning and then Kelly came 2 weeks later! Boom! I’ve known Kelly for going on 10 years now; since freshman year of high school! Ever since then, we’ve pretty much been joined at the hip when one of us isn’t … Continue reading